About Us

At American Valmark we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality, precision parts with competitive pricing and on time delivery.

Located in Central Texas, we've been in operation since 2000. Our staff of Engineers and highly skilled Machinists, with decades of experience, are here to provide you with exceptional customer service and high quality parts built to your specifications. Not only can we turn your design into manufactured parts but, if needed, we have the expertise to aide in the design process as well.

Our CNC Machine Shop is fully equipped to handle any job from prototyping to production runs. Our state of the art CNC mills, lathes and inspection equipment give us the capability of producing precision parts with tolerances as close as .0002”.

We take great pride in delivering quality parts the first time around!

  • We have access to and experience with a wide variety of metals and plastics and we also stock a large selection of the most common items to accommodate quicker turn times. If needed, we can help recommend the best material for your project to maximize form and function and/or minimize manufacturing cost.

  • The machining process starts with programming your design utilizing MasterCam® software. One of our skilled Programmers imports your CAD file into MasterCam® and creates toolpaths based on the part's geometry. When programming is complete a tool list and setup sheet are generated and sent to the shop floor for machining. One of our skilled Machinists then loads the program into one of our state of the art CNC machines, inserts all of the necessary tooling and the machining begins. Throughout the process our Machinists use precision measuring instruments to insure all dimensions and tolerances are within customer specifications.

  • Once CNC machining is complete we take time to deburr the part to remove all sharp edges and burrs created during the machining process. There are also numerous surface finishes available to enhance the appearance of the part and protect the metal from corrosion. Some of the most popular are; Anodizing (clear, black, red, blue or green are available), Passivation, Chromate Conversion, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Powder Coating, Painting, Polishing, Sand Blasting, and Tumbling. We can also heat treat certain metals to increase the hardness of the material.