Prototyping & Production



At American Valmark we understand the importance of getting a prototype and getting it fast. We have the capability to help with your design, suggest material types, provide drawings and solid models, in addition to manufacturing your parts. We also have the ability to reverse engineer any parts needing to be reproduced.

If your parts are already designed and you're looking to lower manufacturing costs we can help suggest any design changes that would cut down machining time, therefore reducing your expenses.

Keeping your parts confidential is our top priority and we frequently execute NDA's with our clients.

Here's a sample NDA:

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Copy of StackedParts1


Once you have your prototype perfected and are ready to start production we're your shop. We have many years of experience with both small and large quantity runs along with creating the necessary tooling to streamline repeat runs.

We know that manufacturing costs are one of the most important aspects to running your business. Therefore, our team of manufacturing experts will design a custom production plan for each of your parts that we manufacture in order to minimize production time and maximize your cost savings.

When it comes to the raw material for your production run we'll shop around with our numerous vendors, getting quotes from each, to insure we obtain the best price for your project. Again to keep your manufacturing costs as low as possible.

Quality, along with cost, is just as important to us at American Valmark. We want you to be just as proud of your product as we are when it leaves our shop. With each production run we implement quality control procedures where our Machinists use precision measuring instruments to insure all dimensions and tolerances are within customer specifications.

There's something special about saying your products are Made in America. We take great pride in being an American Machine Shop that can provide you with exceptional service, a quality product and at a reasonable price.